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Yamanaka Sadajiro’s London Showroom

Posted: May 18th, 2022 | No Comments »

Yamanka Sadajiro was a major force in the world of Chinese and Japanese antiques and curios in the first half of the twentieth century. Although he was from Osaka and started dealing Japanese objet he soon moved to specialise in Chinese items and opened an acquisitions office in Peking. As well as New York and Boston, and later various other American locations – Chicago, Maine etc – Yamanka had a successful and long running London branch that operated from 1900 to WW2. It was based at 127 New Bond Street, a building that still exists. Some photos below….

Yamanaka’s London Showroom
Yamanaka Sadajiro 1928
Yamanaka & Co. 127 New Bond Street
127 New Bond Street today…

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