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A selection of various audio projects i’ve been involved in that are all free to download….

Now available to download – All 4 episodes of Carry on Kidnapping, the true & bizarre tale of Muriel “Tinko” Pawley’s 1932 kidnapping in Manchuria by bandits, now on RTHK Hong Kong’s podcast site. Evelyn Waugh was gripped, hopefully you will be too –

On the Hong Kong Heritage podcast from RTHK3 talking about Hong Kong’s tradition of ‘delayed modernism’ in architecture, those Shanghai architects & firms that moved south in 49 & how streamline moderne & art-deco evolved into the Bauhaus & Brutalism.

My four-part podcast, The Lady from Hong Kong, uncovering the true case of Miss Seto Gin, arrested for smuggling opium in San Francisco in 1939, who got her into that situation, why escaping a wartorn China made people desparate and what happened to her and her lover/drug kingpin Chung Lei. Recorded for RTHK3 Hong Kong…

My documentary for BBC Radio 3’s Sunday Feature, A Chinese Odyssey, on the Chinese intellectuals who lived in Belsize Park, Hampstead in the 1930s and during WW2…

A superb evocation of the louche underworld of inter war China… Radio Times

Riveting…perfect listening for a long winters night… 5 stars’ Daily Mail

A Christmas reading for RTHK3….click here
China Stories from the Sinica Network on SupChina brings you audio narration of the best articles and on China. Here read by me Arthur Ransome & the Shanghai Mind and What a John le Carre Novel Can Teach Us About China? and Sherlock Holmes and ther Curious Case of Several Million Fans