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Arnold Brothers – Where Lattimore Once Toiled

Posted: May 6th, 2011 | No Comments »

I posted a while back on a relative of the great Sinologist and Mongolist Owen Lattimore visiting Shanghai. Lattimore worked for a time in the 1920s for materials and engineering firm Arnhold Brothers, a well known  Shanghai Hong at the time (and still in business down in Hong Kong). Though they set out to find Lattimore’s old offices they failed – probably due to some quickly supplied duff info from yours truly! Sorry. The old Arnhold Brothers building (built 1907), and a fine building it is too, is on the corner (no.320 to be precise) of Sichuan Middle Road (Szechuan Road) and Jiujiang Road (Kiukiang Road). And so here is the building Owen Lattimore arrived at everyday to toil away, before he realised that grubby commerce wasn’t for him and took the academic high road – crap money but still…it did eventually get him to the bright lights of Leeds and West Yorkshire!!

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