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Morning Chocolate at Bianchi’s

Posted: May 5th, 2010 | No Comments »

One thing I simply don’t do often enough is have a morning chocolate – usually it’s simply tea bag, sugar, water, milk, stir till orange, burn throat, move on. Morning chocolate sounds pretty nice as does luncheon, afternoon tea and light refreshments. Not sure where I would get these being an intense disliker (if that’s a word) of Starbucks and all that ersatz crap and hardly the sort to go to McDonald’s for breakfast. Now if it was the 1930s I could go to Bianchi’s, Pastrycooks and Confectioners at 154 Nanking Road – they did the lot. Sadly you’ll find nothing even remotely similar to Bianchi’s around 154 Nanjing Road these days – more likely a KFC or some other culinary insult. Ho hum…and they call it progress!


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