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I’m delighted to be working with Audible on an exclusive product for them that looks back at crime and the justice system in China in the first half of the twentieth century – Murders of Old China – 12 murder cases re investigated. Reopening the archives on China’s long forgotten past.  

Researched, written and narrated by Paul French….

Available exclusively on Audible from December 4 2019.

Why did a remote police station, built to combat pirates, find itself at the centre of a murder-suicide after a constable went on the rampage? How did Chinese gangsters avoid conviction after serving a deadly dinner to Frenchtown’s elite? And why is the Foreign Office still withholding a key document to solving a murder that took place in the Gobi desert in 1935?

By delving deep into 12 of China’s most fascinating murder cases, Murders of Old China delivers a fast-paced journey through China’s early 20th-century history – including its criminal underbelly. 

Uncovering previously unknown connections and exposing the lies, Paul French queries the verdict of some of China’s most controversial cases, interweaving true crime with China’s chaotic and complicated history of foreign occupation and Chinese rival factions. 

An illuminating new perspective on China’s murder archives, perfect for fans of Peter Frankopan, Simon Sebag Montofiore and Simon Schama.