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Old Shanghai’s Goose Cafe on the North Szechuen Road

Posted: May 12th, 2022 | No Comments »

I’m sorry but I really can’t remember who sent me this wonderful card for the Goose Cafe? If you did please get in touch and i’ll credit you. I don’t know the date, but i’m guessing late 1930s/40s given the accent on the Japanese entertainment. The Cafe was up in the (by the late 1930s) Japanese-controlled Northern Shanghai. North Szechuen Road (Sichuan Road North) was by the 1940s home to any number of nightclubs, bars and cabarets catering to Japanese soldiers in Shanghai – every Japanese soldier in the China war was promised some R&R in Shanghai rather like Nazis and Paris. The the Blue Bird Dance Hall and Cafe Lion both played jazz, performed by exiled Japanese jazz bands, much enjoyed by many of the Japanese officer class though forbidden back home.

Anyway, the Goose Cafe was on the long North Szechuen Road up by the junction with Barchet Road (Xinxiang Road). I’d like to know more about the manager “C. Ruth” if anyone happens to know?

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