“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”
— Mark Twain

The Chinese Children Next Door – Pearl Buck

Posted: January 6th, 2013 | 5 Comments »

Pearl Buck’s The Chinese Children Next Door, was about a family of six little girls totally overshadowed and enslaved by the seventh child, a baby brother.The book was first published in 1942 (I think) and sold very well – below are a selection of covers including an early recorded version on vinyl (kind of Audible.com for the 1950s!).

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5 Comments on “The Chinese Children Next Door – Pearl Buck”

  1. 1 Barbara said at 6:07 am on January 12th, 2018:

    I have been looking for this vinyl recording for years! The only copy disappeared from our library. I believe it was by Columbia Records. Can you give me its label information? I would love to have an MP3 or other format if available from this record.

  2. 2 Gaynor Silsby said at 1:28 am on March 5th, 2019:

    I would like to purchase this record “The Chinese Children Next Door” as I had it as a child and misplaced it after moving recently. Could you please let me know how I can bug it?? Thank you ☺️

  3. 3 Simon French said at 4:26 pm on August 31st, 2019:

    I found a beautifully preserved copy of this LP at a charity store (I’m Australian, so a long way distant!) just this morning! I paid $2 for it, and have been Googling just now- 6 US libraries retain their LP copies, Barbara, so you may be able to obtain a digital transfer copy from one of them. Sorry, but my copy is not for sale – good luck finding your own copy on home soil, one may yet turn up!

  4. 4 Simon French said at 4:29 pm on August 31st, 2019:

    P.S. – The LP is published by Sound Projects, Inc, 211 West 58th St, NYC. Index number BSB 100. It was issued in 1960.

  5. 5 KC said at 8:05 am on January 2nd, 2021:

    Not sure if anyone is reading this record is listed on Ebay right now.
    It is delightful and Ms. Buck reading it makes it even better.
    Thank you.

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