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Mapping Yangpu…and Watching it Disappear

Posted: July 18th, 2012 | No Comments »

An article here in the Global Times (I know, I know…) about a group of students trying to map the remaining architecture of Yangpu distririct (formerly Eastern District or Yangtzsepoo). Though the students found some buildings worthy of preservation (I believe there are more than they found) many have since been destroyed of course. As one student points out – “The only thing we could do after that was change the color of the mark for the building on the map. We changed it from red to black. Black indicates that the building has been lost forever,” – there’s a lot of black on any map of Yangpu I have to tell you!! Anyway, they mention some interesting buildings and, as this blog is mostly read by foreigners, do please go north of Suzhou Creek and have a look around – their is interesting architecture in Shanghai outside of the former French Concession!! Honestly!!

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