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Pathlight Magazine Launches Highlighting the Best New Chinese Writing

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A well deserved plug for the new Pathlight Magazine that’s bringing out more contemporary Chinese fiction and writing in English – details all as below – well worth supporting though like all Chinese government ventures the promotion may leave a bit to be desired so it’s needs to be shouted from the rooftops as so often with these things – good folk involved though.

Pathlight magazine is a new English-language literary magazine produced by Paper Republic and People’s Literature Magazine (《人民文学》杂志社). It is currently in trial publication period—the first issue came out on November 20, and the second issue will be published in advance of the 2012 London Book Fair, where China will be the Market Focus.

Distribution is currently limited, though the first issue can be purchased on Amazon—they will deliver internationally. For specific inquiries, please contact Pathlight Managing Editor Alice Xin Liu at alicexinliu@paper-republic.org.

Sign up here for notifications on new issues of Pathlight magazine, and how to get them. Contents below

Issue One: Mao Dun Literature Prize

Feature: 8th Mao Dun Literature Prize

Zhang Wei You Are on the Highland
Liu Xinglong Holy Heaven’s Gate
Liu Zhenyun A Word is Worth Ten Thousand Words

Fiction / Non-Fiction

Jiang Yitan ‘China Story’
Di An ‘Williams’ Tomb’
Qi Ge ‘The Sugar Blower’
Xiang Zuotie ‘A Rare Steed for the Martial Emperor’ and ‘Raising Whales’
Li Juan ‘The Winter of 2009’ and ‘The Road to Weeping Spring’


Lei Pingyang Prayer-Poem on Mt. Jinuo, White Herons, Keeping a Cat, Going Home for a Funeral, The Myna Bird Asks a Question, Collectivist Insect Calls, and Abandoned City
Hou Ma Bloodsucking Rapture, Subway, Li Hong’s Kiss and A Wolf? In Sheep’s Clothing?
Sun Lei Travel
Yu Xiang Sunlight Shines Where It’s Needed, My House, They, A Gust of Wind, Low Key, It Goes Without Saying, Holy Front and Street
Wong Leung Wo At Midnight, I See Your Shoes in the Bathroom, Father, This is the Last Day, The Story of Santa and I Thought We Wouldn’t Meet Again
Xi Chuan The Body and History, Ill Fortune H 00325, Looking at the Mural in the Ruicheng Temple of Eternal Joy and Dragon

Editor’s Pick

Li Er ‘Stephen’s Back’
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